• Project Management in Construction of Highway E 80, Section: Crvena Reka-Citlik
• Project Management in Construction of Corridor X, Highway E-75 Nis-FYROM Border,
Section (LOT2) Srpska Kuca-Donji Neradovac
• Technical consulting in Sewerage and drainage project of Limassol – Amathus Phase B
• Technical Consulting in Phase II of the Sewerage and Drainage of Pafos
• Technical Consulting in the construction of the “Addressing landslide Rovies-Elias –
• Technical Consulting in the construction of the “Primary School and Kindergarten in the
Solar Village, Lykovrisi, using the pre-construction method”
• Project Management in the Construction of 140 houses in Kozani
• Technical consulting of the construction of the “Expansion Sewage treatment installations
of Larisa”
• Project Management in the construction of “Water Supply of Voio” in Kozani
• Technical consulting in the Restoration of Xanthi tobacco warehouse
• Project Mangement of the construction of Water supply and sewerage and drainage network
of Sykia Chalkidiki
• Detailed Design of Chalastra Sewerage Network.
• Detailed Design of Akrolimni Sewerage Network.
• Detailed Design of Kimina & Malgara Sewerage Networks.
• Detailed Design of Stavrodromi Sewerage and Drainage Networks.
• Detailed Design of Esovalta Sewerage and Drainage Networks.
• Detailed Design of Platy (block of 13 villages) Sewerage Networks.
• Detailed Design of Koufalia Sewerage Network.
• Detailed Design of Koufalia Water Supply Network.
• Detailed Design of Alexandria Sewerage Network. (North Section)
• Detailed Design of Kria Vrisi Drainage Network.
• Detailed Design of Kria Vrisi Water Supply Network.
• Renovation and Reconstruction Study of KERANIS Plant.
• Detailed Design of Acropotamos Wastewater Treatment Plant with the MBR method.
• Study of a complex of 12 independent residences
• Reconstruction Study of a Detached House in Athens
• Study and supervision of the reconstruction of Athens Comfort Hotel.
• Reconstruction Study of a 4-floor building in Thisio Athens.
• Reconstruction study of a Retained Building in Exarchia Athens
• AHB GROUP S.A. THEONI Water – “Addition of industrial building for bottling – water
storage and office space” (3.500m2)
• Nomikos S.A. Tomato Processing Company – “Tomato Processing Factory” (building area
of 5.000 m2, facilities and infrastructure),
• KTEL Lamias S.A. – “Bus station, Parking, Maintenance & Repair, Catering & Fuel Supply”
of new city bus terminal, Fthiotida. (4.000 m²), Greece. .
• Kreatosyskevastiki S.A. – “Industrial Unit for Meat cutting, Standardization and Preparation
of meat products”, (3.000m2), Komma, Lamia, Greece.
• Latomia Lamias S.A. – “Food establishment with a mixed fuel and power station”, 1.000m2,
Lamia, Greece.
• Camping Interstation Ltd. – “Property legalization of camping site”, (40.000 m2), Stylida,
Fthiotida, Greece.
• Archani Social Cooperative Buisiness (Koinsep) – Small tobacco industry, 300 m2, Arhani
Fthiotida, Greece.
• Agro Zootrofiki S.R.L. – Steel structure used for grain warehouse (area 1.600m2) and 700-
ton grain silos, Braila, Romania (for high snow loads).
• Xilemporiki Lamias S.A. – “Timber cutting and milling plant”, 2.000 m2), Lamia, Greece.
• N. Tsigkas Brothers – Mall, Supermarket with mixed fuel and power station, (8.000 m2),
• Laspias Alexandros – Timber Factory – building addition for timber factory, (3.000 m2),
• Karaiskos P. – Two poultry houses, steel structure (area 1500m2) – Structural and durability analysis in acidic environment, in Vathikilo, Lamia, Greece.
• Triantafyllou C. – “Station of storage, maintenance and repair of marine vessels, with marinas for ships” (1,000 m2), in Achladi, Fthiotida Greece.
• Kalathas Elias – Small industry for drying agricultural products, (300 m2), Arhani Fthiotida, Greece.
• Stergiopoulos Ilias – Small industry of agricultural products, (3.000 m2), Lamia, Greece.
• Aggelis L. – Building permit and designs for the addition by extension of a store (890m2) in
Lamia, Greece.
• Galanos A. – Structural design for the project “Restoration of listed historical building”, at the
Park of Lamia, Lamia, Greece.
• Bakas K. – “Steel structure used for the recycling of cars and metal; includes storage of about
400 cars at a height of 8m.”, Industrial area of Lamia, Greece.
• Katarachia A. – Restoration of motel. The adequacy of its structural strength was tested,
leading to the strengthening of several structural elements with the use of shotcreting and the
addition of four new concrete walls (300m2), Kala Nera, Greece.
• Bouramas D. – “Building permit and design for the construction of a new agricultural warehouse”
(500m2), in the off-plan location “Stylida”, Atalanti, Fthiotida, Greece.
• T.H.K. S.A. – Structural design “Cut and Cover”, 500 m in length, at Rovies, Evoia Greece. –
Project budget: 8.000.000, 00€.
• Transcombi Express Ltd. – “Logistic Center”, Agios Thomas, Inoi Branch, Schimatari Viotias
• Giannitsis Logistics S.A. – “Deep-Freeze Warehouse Building – Steel structure – concrete
base plates for approximately -400C (-400F)”, (2500m2), industrial area of Lamia, Greece.
• Intertrade Hellas S.A. – Interior balconies 1000 m2 on the premises of the paper processing
company, in Acharnes, Fthiotida, Greece.
• Elaiourgiki S.A – Structural design for roof restoration, (500 m2), in Stylida, Fthiotida, Greece.
• Municipality of Lamia – Conservation plan for the castle walls of the city of Lamia, Greece. .
• Municipality of Lamia – Construction, design and overseeing of shelter for the football city
stadium of Lamia (D.A.K. Lamias). .
• Municipality of Lamia – Structural implementation design for the project “Renovation of the
Summer Theater of Lamia”, Greece.
• Directorate for the Restoration of Byzantine and Post-byzantine monuments (DAVMM) –
Design of scaffolding for the restoration of the Clock of Kirristos monument, approximately
400m2, at Plaka Ancient Market, Athens.
• Directorate for the Restoration of Byzantine and Post-byzantine monuments (DAVMM)
-Scaffolding for the restoration of a tower, approximately 1000m2, at the castle of Aigosthena,
• Stavros Niarchos Foundation – Concrete support scaffolding at the Stavros Niarchos
Foundation Cultural Center, Athens, Greece. – Multiple levels of design control.
• Fraport Greece – Scaffolding for the International Airport “Macedonia” in Thessaloniki,
• Hountoumadis S.A. – Design of façade scaffolding in a building of 128m in height, in Doha,
• Inahos S.A. – building addition of dairy plant in Grammeni, Fthiotida, Greece.
• Inahos S.A. – “Production and Packaging of traditional products” of in Grammeni, Fthiotida,
• Hountoumadis S.A – Metallic crowd stands for sports facilities and events with a capacity for
approximately 35.000 seats total. Maximum capacity for a single design 12.000 seats, for
temporary Stadium of A.E.K. F.C., Greece.
• Planaco S.A. – Lifts For Catamaran, YachtYard, Aegina, Greece.
• Syngenta Hellas – Structural design for building additions at the fertilizer plant, at Oinofyta,
Voiotia, Greece.
• Selonda S.A. – Geotechnical research and structural design of retaining wall for the prevention
of slope collapse at the fish-farm facilities, in the location “Tapies”, in Achladi, Fthiotida,
• Arnaoutelis S.A. Tony’s – Structural support design for the machinery.
• Lafarge Beton S.A. – Structural design of scaffolding, 80m. high, at Mylaki.
• Latomiki S.A. – Steel structures pavements for High School, Lamia Greece.
• L.Moliotis P.C. – Restoration of Wire Industry, Lamia, Greece.
• Latomia Lamias S.A. – mixed fuel station, 200m2, Lamia, Greece.
• 24th Ephorate for Byzantine Antiquities (24th E.V.A.) – Conservation plan for the existing
masonry of the church of St.Nicolas , at Mavrilo, Fthiotida, Greece.
• Municipalities – Crowd stands for sports facilities in Malakasa – Attica, Platanias – Chania,
Halandri – Attica, Pefki – Attica, Ligourio – Epidauros, Nautical Club of Glyfada – Attica, indoor
court in Haidari, National Sports Centre (PEAKI) in Ioannina, Greece