• Architectural BIM
• As build/Point cloud modeling
• Object Library / BIM family creation
• Architectural CD Set
• Design development support


• Structural BIM
• Rebar/Precast detailing
• Shop/Fabrication/ Erection drawing
• Structural framing modeling
• Structural Design drafting
• Shorting & utility modeling
• Construction Documentation


• Shop /Fabrication drawing
• Erection / GA Drawing
• Deck slab detailing
• Unitechnik, DSTV & CNC reports


• Point cloud conversion
• Parametric Modeling
• Integrated product development
• Product design drafting
• Mechanical Shop/fabrication drawing


• Coordination & Clash resolution
• Shop/Fabrication drawing
• Spool, Shaft, and sleeve drawing
• Point cloud modeling
• Spool, Revit family creation
• MEP design development


• Façade BIM
• Unitized & conventional Curtain wall detailing
• Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) detailing
• Spider glazing, Skylight glazing detailing.


The construction industry is extremely risky by its nature. A project involves many aspects, whose relationships are defined by particularly complex conventions.

The successful implementation of a project is largely determined by the successful management of its contract. Our involvement from the start of the project ensures that a proper contract is drawn up so that it predicts and minimizes the risks lurking in its implementation, due to design deficiencies and the imponderable inherent factors in the construction.

A successful contract ensures that we have the right framework in place to effectively deal with the risks that arise before, during construction, and until successful completion, while protecting the rights of our customers.

At BAUS we have the expertise and experience in contracting at this level either on the basis of standardized model contracts or custom-made contracts.

Project Management services

• Study reviews, guidance, and preparation for potential requirements.
• Management, design coordination, and Value Engineering (VE) during the design phase, to reduce costs without degrading quality.
• Consulting on possible contract risks, strategic advice, and support.
• Contract management.
• Guidance on critical contract issues (timetables, work changes, new pricing, etc.).
• Cost control and payment certification.

Integrated Planning & Programming Services

The successful outcome of designing and executing a project is inextricably linked to proper planning. Designing and building a project can be a very complicated process.

BAUS’s expertise and extensive experience in project management guarantee the development of sophisticated CPM programs tailored to meet project requirements. We use project planning software and create detailed CPM schedules to effectively organize the workflow, monitor
the absorption of funds, manage people and the project as well as propose corrective actions for successful completion. Our services offer practical solutions that can be exploited whether you are in the competition entering phase, or in the design and monitoring phase of the project.

Combined with Project Management Services, they can bring maximum benefits in dealing with critical contractual issues in relation to project completion time.

Integrated Planning & Programming Services

• Preparation of competition entering timetables.
• Charging resources on timetable activities.
• Cash flow.
• Monitoring construction progress.
• Updating and revising timetables during construction.
• Critical route analysis and corrective actions.
• Composition of retrieval and acceleration timetables.
• Progress reports.
• Guidance on the optimal handling of time-related issues (time extension, daytime calculation, delay requirements, delay damage – penalties).


We have successfully offered our services to our clients who are active in the following sectors:
– Renewable energy sources
– Building projects (hotels, shopping malls, production units, residences)
– Road improvements
– Hydraulic works
– Wastewater treatment and management